Technology Committee
Established in the fall of 1990 this committee currently has eight members including staff and school parents and is led by the Computer Instructor, Mrs. Linda Weckwerth. The committee meets three times per year to assess the school's technology needs, facilitate necessary maintenance and improvement of the current technology infrastructure, and evaluate how and why technology is being integrated into the curriculum.

Mission/Philosophy Statement:
The technology program is based upon specific philosophical principles regarding education, child development, and Catholic values. Every child is a gift from God. We guide each to make moral decisions and to be accountable for their actions. We strive to use technology to maximize the students' God-given talents and encourage them to learn, live, and love through Jesus.
  • We believe technology skills are necessary in training our students to be future leaders.
  • We believe technology provides skills to aid in life-long learning.
  • We believe technology is a tool to amplify the intelligence of the user.
  • We believe technology trouble-shooting and our "help your neighbor" attitude in the computer curriculum prepares our students to be "team players" and innovative citizens, embracing change as an exciting adventure.
  • We believe our "students teaching younger students" policy and other "buddy class" activities will help all students develop leadership and speaking skills.
  • We believe Internet research skills will open up a world of information to enhance productivity and understanding in all subject areas.
  •  We believe safe and responsible use of e-mail and participation in on-line experiments will increase global awareness.
  • We believe our technology curriculum serves all students by meeting each individual at his/her level.
  • Built a computer lab consisting of 26 computers, offering a 1:1 computer to student ratio
  • Added additional 26 computers throughout school for staff, student, and administration use
  • Networked all school computers to Internet via RoadRunner
  • Purchased color laser printer for computer lab instruction and staff and administration use
  • Implemented online grading program for student assessment
  • Upgraded all computers to Windows XP and XP Office
  • Coordinated design and development of new school website
  • Integrated instruction of Microsoft applications (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint), specific graphic arts software programs (i.e. Kids Pics Deluxe 3), and modern-day topics (i.e. responsible and safe Internet usage) into technology curriculum
  • Worked with teachers to foster cross-curriculum learning opportunities
  • Worked with intermediate and junior high level teachers to establish scheduled lab time for online learning opportunities via education-based websites
  • Worked with teachers to implement age-level appropriate software on classroom computers
  • Promoted understanding and use of technology resources in kindergarten students via "mini-computer" lab setting in K-4 and K-5 classrooms
  • Offered teachers ability to use digital technology in creating PowerPoint presentations of filed trips and other special events
Future Goals:
  • Continue to assess the ability of the school's technology to meet curriculum needs
  • Continue to evaluate how and why technology is being integrated into the curriculum
  • Continue to facilitate necessary maintenance and improvement of the current technology infrastructure
  • Purchase digital video cameras for student use in lab instruction
  • Purchase Roxio software in order for students to produce DVDs
  • Purchase additional DVD burners in order for students to produce DVDs
  • Develop specific plan and timetable for purchase of additional lab computers
  • Explore possibility of teaching some form of programming language (i.e. HTML or to junior high students
  • Partner with Art teacher, Mrs. Sue Miller, to team-teach Adobe Photoshop
  • Partner with Junior High Science teacher, Mrs. Carmen Bond, to offer online learning opportunities via science-based websites