Professional Development for St. Monica School Teachers and Staff

St. Monica School is committed to providing its' teacher and staff with the finest professional development opportunities.  Teacher professional development is designed to ensure that licensed professional educators will maintain a commitment to the continued acquisition of knowledge and skills in their license categories.  Formalized professional development plans include:

1. Goal and objectives that address two or more Wisconsin Educator Standards and Catholic Identity Standard 11;

2. Identified activities related to the professional development goal with evidence of application to the classroom or learning community;

3. A timeline for achieving the professional development goals with evidence of annual review of the objectives and activities;

4. Evidence of collaboration with others; and

5. An assessment plan that specifies indicators of professional growth and how meeting the goal(s) will improve the educator’s professional knowledge and have an effect on student learning.

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, St. Monica School has established a “Professional Development Fund.”  National conferences and educational workshops that were out of reach in the past or were paid for individually have become a reality for our teachers and staff members.  Attendance at such conferences and professional development workshops enables our staff to build upon their already Exemplary teaching credentials!

 Below are just a few examples of staff members who have taken part in professional development conferences or educational workshops:
  • SMS Jr. High teacher Anne Rice attended the Los Angeles Religious Education Conference in Anaheim, California.  This is the largest conference on religious education in the country.  Materials purchased along with rituals, songs, blessings and prayers in liturgies and information on saints will be applied in the classroom.
  • SMS Art teacher Sue Miller attended the Art of Color Photography Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Mrs. Miller will incorporate all art elements to expand our art program in photography.  With great pride, Mrs. Miller received the “most improved” student for the week.
  • Development and Stewarship Director Tom Mlada attended The Advancement Counsel’s “Conference of a Lifetime” in Boston, Massachusetts.  This annual conference, one of the largest in the country, is geared specifically for K-12 Catholic schools in the United States.  He enthusiastically reported he couldn't have imagined a more productive, rewarding, informative, energizing experience.   He left the four-day conference with a wealth of ideas to bring home to improve upon our school community’s advancement program; perhaps more importantly, he shared that he was instilled with a renewed sense of pride and spirit in the difference our advancement initiatives can make for our school community.  In fact, he was very honored that our school was singled out at the conference as being one of the Catholic elementary schools in the Midwest that has demonstrated the most consistent, positive growth in its Annual Fund efforts over the past 10 years!
St. Monica School teachers and staff members are truly grateful for the continuing education opportunities the Professional Development Fund provides.  An investment in teachers and staff is an investment in St. Monica School students and the entire St. Monica School community!

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible gift to the St. Monica School Professional Development Fund, please contact Tom Mlada at (414) 332-1576 ext. 104 or Julie Ann Robinson at (414) 332-3660 ext. 114.  If you prefer, you may e-mail to