The Annual Fund

St. Monica School 2013-2014 Annual Fund Campaign

What is the Annual Fund?
The St. Monica School Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising campaign administered by the Development Office with the assistance of the Development Committee. The goal for each school year’s Annual Fund campaign is based upon need as determined by that school year’s operating budget. The need for the 2013-2014 school year is $180,000. Dollars raised in excess of the campaign goal are used to address School Board Committee priority list items for the school; in recent years, such dollars have helped fund major salary adjustments for teachers; new playground and computer equipment; and the science lab and art classroom renovations.

Why should I contribute?

We need your support of the Annual Fund is necessary for several main reasons:
  • The Annual Fund provides dollars needed for the school’s operating budget, typically amounting to about 10% or more of the budget for the school year.
  • By serving as one piece of the “budgetary puzzle,” the Annual Fund makes a St. Monica School education more affordable for all school families. In short, it effectively reduces tuition expense by nearly $500 per student!
  • The Annual Fund plays an important role in minimizing the annual increase in tuition – and allowing the tuition that our school families pay to remain nearly half the cost of educating a child at St. Monica School.
  • In providing dollars for the school’s operating budget, of which the largest expense is teacher salaries, the Annual Fund plays a major role in compensating the school’s outstanding staff.
  • The Annual Fund offers you a voluntary, tax-deductible way to invest in the mission of St. Monica School!
When does the Annul Fund campaign take place?
Officially, the Annual Fund campaign runs the length of the school’s fiscal year, July 1st through June 30th.  Supporters of the school can make a contribution to the Annual Fund at any point during this timeframe.  Many donors contribute prior to calendar year-end (December 31st) so as to take advantage of the tax benefits of their gift.  However, you are free to make a gift at any point in time during the school year.

How can I contribute?
You can contribute in a variety of ways. This includes:
  •  You can contribute via check or credit card.
  •  You can offer gifts of stock.
  •  You can double your contribution – at no additional cost to you – through your employer’s gift matching program (many employers offer this; it only requires a moment to submit the form).
  • You can give online (on our school website through the “Support SMS” page) with your credit card and take advantage of airline mile or cash back programs.
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Annual Fund Video

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